The latest news and commentary on the Inclusion² program

About the Program

The Warren Centre’s Inclusion² program is the first comprehensive whole of career approach to support women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Currently, female talent is being lost at every stage of the STEM pipeline. In this period of rapid technological change, society requires innovative and adaptive STEM solutions delivered by a diverse cohort of industry leaders. Inclusion² is a multi-tiered program addressing the barriers to diversity in STEM from school to senior executive.


1Inspiration at School

A collection of video stories from tertiary students sharing their journeys in STEM studies.


2Flying Solo

One-day masterclasses to equip prospective female entrepreneurs with practical tools and insights to build their business idea from the ground up.


3Breaking the Glass Ceiling

A lunch series with women in industry to share insights and identify strategies that support gender diversity in leadership.